Professionally hand-made window treatments differ so much from “off the shelf” products; they are an investment; they last longer; they look great and hang so much better; they are made specifically to fit the window in question and to suit your own requirements.


There are no shortcuts, a quality window treatment is as good on the “inside” as it is on the “outside” and to ensure this success appropriate hardware and makeup sundries are used. These include strong, sun-resistant linings; pre-shrunk interlinings to prevent differential shrinkage and puckering; extremely strong hand sewing thread, and the use of good quality hardware such as solid brackets for poles (especially for heavy weight curtains); quality wooden poles that will not bow or fade in colour; bespoke steel poles; durable aluminium tracks; to name just a few.


Investing time at the early stage is vital to find the right solution for each window dressing:


- what level is best for a roman blind to stack up to, in terms of light/privacy or to line up with a glazing bar?

- which part of the fabric design is to be focused on? Which part to put at the top of a blind, is the design lost if the folds on a blind are too narrow, which part of the design or colour is to be brought forward when pleating up curtains?

- what does the window treatment look like from the outside? Does the window look neat and if there are numerous windows, do they have a balanced look?

- what can be seen through the window? Does the content of the view conflict with the colours/design of the window dressing?

- is the fabric suitable for the window treatment required?



Fabric Pattern & Design

Only with a handmade window treatment is it truly possible to make maximum use of the fabric pattern and design, achieving stunning results. The colour and look of the finished curtain or blind can change quite dramatically depending on how the fabric is used and pleated up.

Hand pleated headings are planned to centralise pleats on specific parts of the design so that when stacked back the result is striking and effective.

Quotations & Costing

I offer a complementary initial visit & quotation service. A guideline to costing can be found here.

Curtains by Sandie made to measure curtains landing before

Before – Low level window

Curtains by Sandie made to measure curtains landing after

After – The illusion of a taller window, creating better room proportions.